Thursday, March 29, 2012

Assignment #4

In the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns Nana tries to isolate her daughter Mariam from the real world by telling her what she have been through. From the quote "A man's heart is a wretched, wretched thing, Mariam, it's isn't like a mother's womb. It wont bleed, it wont stretch to make room for you." Identify what Nana is trying to tell Mariam. And what is her purpose for telling her this?


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  3. Khaled Hosseini the author of A Thousand Splendid Suns defines Nana as a typical Afghanistan women, she is never characterized as a women with her own thoughts or beliefs. The author infers that Mariam is the only reason for Nanas existence, she can't fathom the thought of Mariam being away from her. Nana states that " A man's heart is wretched...and won't stretch to make room for you" in order to imply that she should stay away from Jalil who is not only her boss, but also her estranged father. Nana directs to Mariam over and over that she stay away from any man, but like any curious child that never occurs. The author describes Nana as a character whose life surrounded around her daughter. Nanas purpose for instilling the thought into Mariams young mind was so that she would stay away from Jalil and when Mariam became significantly close to Jalil, Nana then proceeded to kill herself. Coincidentally, Mariam was abandoned by Jalil and later abused the man Jalil propose she elope, Nana seemed to be right after all " A man's heart was won't bleed." Proving not only that a mother knows best but that she was a women with her own and valuable beliefs, unlike she was earlier depicted.